Xander Hinrichsen


I study Computer Science, and I will be graduating with a BS in CS from UCSD in June 2025.

I believe Machine Learning is the future, and I emphatically state my interest in the field by reimplementing renowned research papers from scratch, for example the model architecture behind ChatGPT. Such efforts have landed me the chance to create and test novel ideas as an AI Researcher at USC, working under Prof. Yue Wang.

I am currently interested in Machine Learning for Robotics: to make intelligent agents, whether it be through deep reinforcement learning, merely scaling parameters and training data, or developing more efficient algorithms.

selected projects


  1. SegGif.gif
    CityScapes Semantic Segmentation
  2. ppo.gif
    Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving
  3. vary2.png
    Adversarial to Variational: A Critical Examination of GANs and VAEs